Bearing in mind the difficulties encountered in the target area (Centro Habana Municipality), one of the health objectives is aimed at a number of health preventive actions under the slogan “Choose Life” including:

- Preparation and implementation of surveys.
- Holding of workshops
- Training of health promoters.
- Literary Clubs
- Plastic Arts exhibitions with local and invited artists.
- Intervention of other projects in our municipality, such as "Afro Aché"

Psycoballet Workshop

This workshop springs up from previous project experiences in working with high-risk communities. This workshop is organized by mutual aid groups of people living with AIDS in the territory with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life and the socializing level of these persons. The workshop imparts classes every Thursday and Friday from 6 to 7 p.m. at Maloja 26 esq. Ángeles.


In the evening of  August 31, we celebrated one of the most important events in the HIV prevention work in Centro Habana Municipality. The Hope Awards are granted to personalities, institutions or projects with an outstanding HIV prevention work in the municipality. The Centro Vasco, in this capital, became an excellent space for this important celebration. The Municipal Coordinator for the Line of Support of HIV Persons and member of our Managing Group presented Dr.Sc.
On July 11-13, the 2016-2017 school year was coordinated at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association. As part of this course, we held our first workshop to exchange ideas with professors from the Hermanos Ameijeiras School to present and debate the “Quisicuaba Project for a Future of Light and Love” Project and the many activities, modifications and benefits that such a Project could provide to the Hermanos Ameijeiras School, and to its students, families and professors during the coming school year.
On Sunday, May 15, in the afternoon, we celebrated the “PLWH Line and its Friends: 50 and beyond” cultural meeting. On this occasion, people above 50 years of age also joined the STI-HIV-AIDS prevention campaign. This new strategy includes the use of cultural manifestations to disseminate prevention messages among this important age group.
As part of the national strategy for HIV prevention in coordination with our Project, a space has been created to pay attention to HIV persons in the community as well as others with related situations. Such space was established at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association, and specialists will be working every Monday from 9:00 to 12:00 a.m.
On April 15th, an important meeting of Coordinators from the Havana Mutual Assistance Teams working with people living with HIV was held at the premises of the Quisicuaba Association.
On Saturday, April 2, at the headquarters of our Project, a provincial working meeting was held. During this meeting, municipal PLWH mutual assistance teams submitted their reports. The meeting was attended by direct recipients of our project. Likewise, the achievement and rightsizing of goals were examined paying special attention to HIV prevention measures to be taken in our country.
On March 11, in the morning, a provincial methodological meeting was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association. The meeting was attended by municipal coordinators of persons with several disabilities. Its main objective was to guide, evaluate and discuss health actions for disabled persons, senior citizens and people requiring social assistance.
On February 29, in the afternoon, a meeting of the mutual assistance teams was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar. This meeting was aimed at people living with HIV in our capital. Its main objective was to create a focal group to deal with the new information and communication technology (ICT) to prevent HIV and adherence to HIV treatment by affected groups. This technology will disseminate prevention messages among vulnerable groups and strengthen prevention efforts by the National Program together with the civil society.
On Thursday 18, at 10:00 am, an important methodological meeting of the Support Line for People Living with HIV (PLWH) in the Centro Habana Municipality took place. The meeting was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association. The meeting was devoted to examine the outcomes to date and define the new objectives and actions for the coming period. One of the main aspects of the national program with civil society groups is their contribution to the prevention of HIV-AIDS in Cuba.
On January 27, in the morning and afternoon sessions, an interactive
meeting was held with men and women living with HIV, persons
practicing transactional sex, transgender persons, men having sex with
men and addicted persons under recovery.  The meeting was aimed at
analyzing the specific needs of each group so as to devise risk
communication and conflict solution strategies in the new three-year
Project with these communities. This team work results from a regional
Project of social activism with these groups by the Cuban Civil