Once again, we have reintroduced Town Halls as a contribution to Cuban culture, thus enhancing the virtuosity of human beings and influencing the individual and collective life project of people living in this municipality. Bearing in mind the spiritual, cultural and material needs of this population, we have devised a non-profitable cultural project.

Our work includes social reinsertion (of former prisoners), socio-cultural support actions for prisoners´ families, attitude-changing workshops for children and adolescents prone to delinquency and high-risk diseases by involving them in significant life and health-oriented cultural activities with specific objectives. Besides, we are working in a risk-oriented information program aimed at alcoholics and single mothers.

- Contribute to human enhancement through spirituality and preservation of Cuban identity and traditions.

- Strengthen the responsible involvement of the community in aspects associated with health, education, self-responsibility, values, and identity, with different sectors. in order to achieve local sustainable development.

- Rescue the family as the main core for an education based on the principles of our society.

- Strengthen generational exchanges aimed at promoting respect for senior citizens and their significant role they play in our culture.

- Promote, from a social and cultural perspective, self-responsibility towards the environment, health, education and society at large.

- Work with neighborhood sectors and organizations to change antisocial behaviors through communal programs where the community is the main protagonist and using risk-oriented information.

- Establish strategic alliances with governmental organizations and bodies to set up actions promoting wellbeing and improving the quality of life of Los Sitios.