Under the title “Comprehensive Community Education for Children and Adolescents suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and their Relatives”, a great program began today, August 10, at the Quisicuaba Project venue. This program is aimed at training the community on responsible health-related issues, specifically targeting families in the community who have boys and girls suffering from this disease.  How to deal with the disease, how to coexist in school, how to learn about the daily life of persons suffering from this disease in order to help them, were some of the main topics addressed by the specialists of the Ministry of Public Health, which included doctors, psychologists, therapists, and the community at large who gathered in the Quisicuaba Museum classrooms.
The Pediatric Teaching Hospital of Centro Habana and the Quisicuaba Association, a member of the Cuban civil society and a paradigm of social community work in Cuba and the world, were the institutions that implemented this project designed by the Cuban Pediatric Association. 
It is important to note that with this project, the Quisicuaba Association has implemented 21 projects with responsible and comprehensive citizen participation at the community level together with the Ministries of Education, Health and Culture, focusing on key communities and individual social determinants.

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