On April 22, on the occasion of the World Book Day, a wonderful activity was held at the social area of the Quisicuaba Association under the coordination of the United Nations Cuban Association (ACNU, its Spanish acronym). Likewise, the activity was attended by members of the Quisicuaba Association, as well as students from different educational levels of the Centro Habana municipality. Esteban Llorach, National Edition Award winner and UNEAC coordinator, promoted several books through an exchange with children and youngsters. Books from the Gente Nueva Publishing House and the Fayad Jamis Bookstore were sold during the activity. The sale was welcomed by passers-by. Ph.D. Enrique Alemán, President of the Quisicuaba Association and Director of the Managing Group of the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project, led this excellent activity which also included different musical activities.

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