Director: Dr. Enrique Alemán Gutiérrez

Gender and racial educational component: Lic. Lien Lucia García Miranda

Transactional sex information strategy and Quisicuaba for Cultural

Diversity Project: Lic. Alcide Andrey Hernández Batista

Senior Citizens: Lic. Cristina Peña

Fraternal, Inter-agency and International Relations: Lic. Gisela Braña Fernández

Sexually transmitted and non-communicable chronic infections: Dr. Susana Terry

Risk-oriented information: Lic. Yamilé Díaz Mora

Teaching: Lic. Tomás Pérez Silva

The managing group is made up by 74 persons, including an important number of activists. These specialists interact in accordance with our needs and are highly committed with our religious institution. Interrelation among the different disciplines is an axiom of our daily work.