“Steel Roses” Club:

This club was created as a result of our gender workshops and transgender research work. The objective is to reinsert transsexual persons through an educational program designed from within the family. They themselves organized the Club and have become natural cultural promoters and active members of the managing group of the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project.

My Town Hall for Health:

This is a project space in charge of broadcasting preventive messages to MSM. The project includes the participation of cultural personalities, poetry-readers and musical performers. Its host, Cristina Palomina, enjoys the support of PLWA (People Living with AIDS) coordinators.


On November 25, the Governing Board of the Quisicuaba Association attended the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women promoted by the Únete (Join Us) campaign,
FLACSO and ACNU held at the “Balcón Latinoamericano de FLACSO” (FLACSO Latin American Balcony) of the ALBA Cultural House. During the celebration, Dr. Clotilde Proveller and Dr. Julio César González Pagés
10 May 2015
As usual, this second Sunday of May the Quisicuaba Crossed Kardecian Spiritualist Association held its General Board of Associates together with the managing group of the Quisicuaba Socio-Cultural Project. Every year, this Assembly makes a balance of the work carried out by this Religious Institution. This is an opportunity to think about the whole community work aimed at doing good and loving others.
The National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), the National Prevention Center (CNP) and the Quisicuaba Association (a religious and cultural institution) joined hands to carry out a community activity at the legendary Central Park as part of the 6th Edition of activities against homophobia.
The large group of trans-people who make up our community Project is organizing a theater group which is also called Steel Roses. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning at the venue of our Project.