A basis for the CUBAN INTERFAITH PLATFORM, bringing together believers from the seven religions established in Cuba and fifteen religious associations and Institutions, as well as all persons of faith, rooted in the richest tradition of our cultural diversity, in the quest for unity and love among all human beings, was founded on September 12, 2011 under the name CUBAN PASTORAL PLATFORM, as the broadest expression of heterogeneous ecumenism within the most profound respect for religious, social, and cultural plurality, as a positive response to the quest for unity through joint projects and ideas among the different faiths professed in Cuba.

The PLATFORM is convinced that justice, peace, and love are inseparable values.  Love is the fruit of peace, and peace is the fruit of justice.  Accordingly, it denounces that injustice by the powerful against the poor and the have-nots is exerted through oppressive methods and terror –be them violent or subtle— to instill fear and submission.  It likewise ratifies its belief that all human beings are children of the God of justice, peace, and love, and are entitled to the inalienable right to equally enjoy material fruits –justice- and spiritual fruits -peace and love- of God’s creation.

Thus, prolonged situations of social injustice harm the expressions of love and peace of the community, violate God’s will, curb social and economic development, and bring about discord and disagreement  which,  in turn,  cause division at many social levels, thus generating violence within the community, family, and among individuals. 

Based on the conviction of believers that justice is the irreplaceable architecture to build the peace and love with which God blesses individuals, families, and nations, and on the fact that today, the greatest threat to peace is expressed through –first and foremost- unjust policies designed by the powers to promote confrontation and prevent dialogue, we reaffirm our struggle against all structural injustices that oppose the building of a world of peace, where acceptance and mutual respect will reign as the way forward towards a permanent dialogue that may guarantee the reign of justice and will bring peace and love.

The PLATFORM recognizes that the different faiths, religions, families, communities, and the homeland play an irreplaceable role in building a world of peace.  It is for this reason that religions are addressing the challenge of a positive response to strengthen coexistence among them, characterized by respect and solidarity, in the common task of preserving faith and working with the families to achieve a harmonious relationship preventing violence.


1- The continuous work for the family reunification of the five Cuban antiterrorists unfairly imprisoned in US jails, where they are still serving unfair sentences making a sacrificial contribution to justice, life, and world peace.
2- The strengthening of unity and peace within the Cuban family.
3- The interfaith dialogue in Cuba and in the rest of the world, on the basis of ecumenical fraternity and full respect for cultural diversity. 
4- A culture of peace starting at household level and all way up to the homeland, among all social justice lovers throughout the world.
5- The struggle against all forms of war (mass media, armed conflicts, etc.)
6- The eradication of discrimination on the basis of gender, color of skin, sexual preference, ethnic origin, creed, and origin.
7- The Universal Human Rights of peoples that have been deprived of their human rights due to unjustifiable and ancestral wars.
8- The implementation of interfaith strategies aimed at mediating in conflicts of all forms of violence. .
9- An ecological culture in faith based on a holistic, plural, and mixed-parentage thinking and dialogue with others.
10- The restoration and promulgation of universal human values.

Today, we are brought together by love, peace, and solidarity. Through love, we achieve the supreme communion of human beings, that is, peace attained as a result of fraternity, respect, acceptance, and unity.  We are moved by a generous intention: let us pray, let each and every one of us beseech God, in accordance with the different traditions, uses or customs.  But, above all, let us work for justice, peace, and love.