On February 16-17, the 12th International Conference for Interfaith Dialogue was held in Doha, Qatar. The Conference was attended by Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Spiritualist leaders, as well as from other religious denominations across the world. After two days of exchanges, 5 sessions, 9 seminars and 108 papers, the convention concluded with a final declaration highlighting the importance of the interfaith dialogue in favor of spiritual and intellectual safety founded in the Religious Doctrines.
On January 15-17, the Workshop on the Global Network of Religions in favor of Childhood in Cuba was held. The workshop was attended by sisters Ana Elvis and María Regla from the Quisicuaba Interfaith Project. Their contributions were highly appreciated during this activity. They are both social volunteers who always contribute with very good ideas and who are deeply committed with children.
On November 11-17 leaders from religious and non-religious projects of the Caribbean region met in Trinidad and Tobago.  Leaders from our Interfaith Dialogue participated in the meeting. Issues including the
dialogue, target communities, vulnerable population and others were included in the next five-year work plan, as well as actions aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination. The Cuban experience was presented
On October 16-18, 2015, a friendly and cordial meeting with brothers and sisters from different religious denominations from Cuba and the world was held at the Convention Center in Havana. The meeting became a true fraternal and learning gathering for our interfaith dialogue Project. Peace, cardinal issue of the event, filled the hearts of all participants and reaffirmed the importance of mutual respect in the religious and daily life.
On Friday morning, September 9, an important provincial gender workshop was held with the participation of youngsters, women and persons suffering from violence. Besides, the workshop was attended by persons from other countries who are interested in our work. The workshop included a debate on skin color and gender perspective, discrimination and other issues associated with the daily struggle to achieve gender equality and mediation in the Cuban family conflicts.
From June 18 to July 17, this year, The Holy Month of Ramadan was celebrated in our country. It was devoted to pray for peace and harmony among all human beings in the planet. The Islamic League of Cuba was very pleased to have a prayer hall at Calle Oficios entre Obispo y Amargura, in Old Havana.   Himan Yajia Pedro Lazo, President of the Islamic League of Cuba offered and Iftar attended by leaders from the interfaith dialogue in Cuba.
On Friday, July 10, at 2:30 pm, a fraternal meeting with the “José Martí” European Solidarity Brigade was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association.
On Tuesday morning, June 23, the end of the “Aprendiendo a Quererse”: La Negra Tomasa (“Learning how to love each other”: Black Tomasa) course was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of the Quisicuaba Association.
On June 12, the Quisicuaba Association, represented by several members, participated at the 3rd Forum of organizations from the Cuban Civil Society on the post-2015 Development Agenda. During the exchange panels, a number of important issues were discussed, namely, the declaration to adopt the Agenda, the commitment of States with this agenda, and the financial resources required for its implementation, among other important issues.
On Friday May 29, in the afternoon, friends, work colleagues and representatives from the Cuban Civil Society met with ACNU workers at the headquarters of that prestigious institution to celebrate the 68th anniversary of its foundation. We were able to get acquainted with the rich history of its mission in favor of unity, equity and mutual recognition through a lecture by Director Soraya Elena Álvarez Núñez. This organization is committed with great future plans embracing the feelings of this association.