Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs can be attended by all age groups, that is, by the community at large. They exhibit the different art works made in our workshops throughout a month. This is a space for intergenerational exchange where all families socialize. Besides, it is a space to exchange with groups and persons from other places in Cuba and the world, who are always willing to participate in our general club held every first Sunday monthly at 9:00 am across the headquarter of our institution.

Great Community Cultural Meeting this Sunday September 6 to celebrate the beginning of the school academic year

With a renewed program for all age groups and its usual cultural meetings held the first Sunday of every month, the Quisicuaba Project celebrates the beginning of the school academic year.  The Quisicuaba Project, a leading participatory project in Cuba and throughout the world, has set new goals for its activities with women and men from a gender perspective, addressing domestic violence and teaching universal and patriotic values to the youth.

A new and updated design to address these issues has been developed by specialists of the Project Management Group to help the Cuban family in solving these conflicts.  The main center for community work reopens its doors after a complete renovation.  It now has an auditorium with one hundred seats and another three adaptable spaces in accordance with the workshops to be held and the composition of the Cuban family.  The building and its areas will contribute to human development by promoting entrepreneurship, humanistic education and dialogue between different generations, families and civil society as a new life vision.

On Sunday, March 1st, a great celebration was held with the purpose of promoting our cultural diversity and commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention. The celebration was attended by all members of the different workshops and their families thus displaying family unity and community cohesion in culture. Likewise, other territorial units were invited to participate in this great celebration.