Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs can be attended by all age groups, that is, by the community at large. They exhibit the different art works made in our workshops throughout a month. This is a space for intergenerational exchange where all families socialize. Besides, it is a space to exchange with groups and persons from other places in Cuba and the world, who are always willing to participate in our general club held every first Sunday monthly at 9:00 am across the headquarter of our institution.

Great Carnival of the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity - UNESCO

On December 6, in the morning, Centro Habana was decked out. Popular and traditional musical groups (the Comparsas), true social representations of the Centro Habana culture, namely, the Componedores de Batea, the Comparsa La Jardinera, and students from different project workshops –music, dance, plastic arts, literature and theater- joined together in this massive carnival passacaglia in this territory. This carnival was devoted to the uninterrupted social and cultural work for the protection and promotion of our cultural diversity and, once again, to express our appreciation to UNESCO for its collaboration, without which this work could not be accomplished.
Great Community Gathering to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Community Work

This customary community gathering was held on Sunday morning, October 12, this time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Quisicuaba Town Hall” Social and Cultural Community Project. The celebration activity was attended by children and youngsters from the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity workshops and other community projects and the National Folk Choir, among other guests. As usual, officials from the government and the Cuban Communist Party shared this celebration with us. Once again, the Centro Habana community and families enjoyed this cultural gathering as a way of enriching and strengthening our cultural expressions together. Besides, this day was devoted to our José Martí by the Chair of Studies on indigenous peoples, Maceo and Marti of the Havana Spiritualist Federation that also took part in the activity
On September 7, in the morning, the customary “Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity” gathering, held every first Sunday each month, took place with the participation of youngsters and children from our dance workshop.
An information bureau was established in support of HIV prevention in our community.
Besides, the gathering was also attended by leaders from other communities who felt motivated to share this mass cultural activity with us.
Great community gathering to welcome summer holidays

A great community gathering was held with the involvement of the community at large and the leading participation of children and youngsters from the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity. Once again, the activity evidenced the cultural wealth and high commitment with our most autochthonous manifestations to welcome summer holidays for the full enjoyment of all.

Today, June 1st, a great community gathering celebrating the International Children´s Day took place at the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity premises. Different artistic groups from this Project, as well as invited groups, displayed a remarkable talent with performances that led the attending public to dance and sing to the beat of the Rumba, the Son, and other musical genres characterizing our Cuban identity.

The closing activity was performed by the National Folkloric Choir which, displaying its usual passacaglia, accompanied the attending population throughout a tour.

Coming soon, the launching of the book entitled “Our Cultural Diversity”, next June 10
Despite the rain, several travelling cultural activities were carried out at the Centro Habana Municipality. As part of Mother´s Day celebrations, it is worthwhile mentioning the 102 birthday party given to a grandmother who is member of the “Living Life to the Full” workshop.
General Cultural Gathering, a great community party

Last Sunday, April 6th, the usual and much awaited General Community Gathering was held on the occasion of the first anniversary of the “Quisicuaba for Cultural Diversity” Project and another year of the creation of the José Marti Organization of Pioneers (OPJM, its acronym in Spanish) and the Young Communist League (UJC, its acronym in Spanish). This activity was staged by the Megafiesta Company, the National Folkloric Choir and different artistic groups from the “Quisicuaba for Cultural Diversity” Project. The activity also included participation games, clowns, and magicians, among others. This was an opportunity to consolidate the cultural unity of Los Sitios community and to promote an enjoyment atmosphere for children and youngsters.