Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs can be attended by all age groups, that is, by the community at large. They exhibit the different art works made in our workshops throughout a month. This is a space for intergenerational exchange where all families socialize. Besides, it is a space to exchange with groups and persons from other places in Cuba and the world, who are always willing to participate in our general club held every first Sunday monthly at 9:00 am across the headquarter of our institution.

The monthly Cultural Club gathering was held in November, 3rd, under the auspices of the Quisicuaba Project, with the performance of several groups of children and youth sharing this regular space every first Sunday of each month. The activity included choreographies and other artistic manifestations. An outstanding performance was that of the “Rumba” group, created by the Quisicuaba for Cultural Diversity Project. We mingled with community and families upholding Cuban traditions.
Another important moment was the launching of the multimedia on the traditional “El Alacrán” comparsa, compiling the whole historiography of this comparsa with images, texts and audiovisual material to preserve the reputation of this splendid cultural manifestation. Besides, we also celebrated the four hundred and ninety four years of the Villa de San Cristóbal de la Habana foundation. We highly appreciate the presence of methodologists from the Centro Habana Cultural House, officials from the provincial Party, officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Cuban Institute of Anthropology.
Devoted to boys and girls celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of the 2013 summer.
Kings’ Town Hall Great Parade

In coordination with the House of Africa, a parade was carried out across the main Old Havana Squares. On this occasion, the QuisicuabaTown Hall Social and Cultural Project displayed a gala representation with 121 eleguá with passacaglia and choreographies performed by children and adolescents dressed as this Orisha.