Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs can be attended by all age groups, that is, by the community at large. They exhibit the different art works made in our workshops throughout a month. This is a space for intergenerational exchange where all families socialize. Besides, it is a space to exchange with groups and persons from other places in Cuba and the world, who are always willing to participate in our general club held every first Sunday monthly at 9:00 am across the headquarter of our institution.

Today, March 6th, during the community cultural gathering usually held the first Sundays of every month, we celebrated the International Women´s Day with the incorporation of 50 new members to the Federation of Cuban Women.
This event included an exhibition by one of the most remarkable women, Zaida del Río. The exhibition was entitled “Homeland, Cultural Diversity and Municipality”.

The plastic art exhibition covers the cultural diversity of our nationality, namely, ethnic components, forms, spiritual knowledge and other features intertwined by the magic paintbrush of a Cuban artist of such stature.

A selection of works by this painter will be exhibited at the Quisicuaba Museum. They are all linked by the invisible thread of cultural exchange promoted by the Municipality as a generator of costumes, traditions and cordiality among all. It constitutes a social and museological expression of this Cuban painter.

On this occasion it shows the importance of social and community experiences in the world and cultural and social relations within our social context. Dancers from our workshops and models from the “New Talent” Company led by Adonis Rodríguez Montoto also participated.
This diversity wealth gathering closed the “Promotion of interfaith dialogue from the civil society” Project. Undoubtedly, this was a wonderful day full of blessings.
Quisicuaba for Cultural Diversity on Epiphany Day

As usual, on January 6th, the workshops of the Quisicuaba for Cultural Diversity Project participated in the Epiphany festivities.  On this occasion, the parade went through the streets of Old Havana following the rhythm, dances and enthusiasm of the children and youth who participate in the workshops of the Project that this year is celebrating its third anniversary.  Once again, we worked to protect and promote our cultural diversity among peoples from different parts of the world.