Painting Workshop

This workshop was created as a need observed by the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project. Children, youngsters and adults were eager to receive plastic art classes. Therefore, these workshops were organized with professors from Centro Habana Cultural Houses, who provide methodological advice to the socio-cultural project. This workshop is aimed at all age groups and imparted from Monday to Friday at different times. For more information, please visit the project venue located at Maloja 26 esquina Ángeles.

"Las Bolleritas" Comparsa

This comparsa works in association with the Joseíto Fernández Cultural House in a workshop conducted by Professor Vilma as methodology adviser. Its objective is to rescue Los Sitios traditions. It gives classes to community girls and adolescents. It works every Monday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 m at the project social section located in Maloja esq. Ángeles.

Dance Workshops

Incorporation of Professor Zunilda, folk dance specialist.

Rueda de Casino

More than 10 young pairs of dancers bearing the name Quisicuaba Marquises make up the Centro Habana rueda de casino. Their amazing  dance displays perfectionism and skills. They dance in every municipal dancing hall or in community spaces created for this purpose. Rehearsals at Los Sitios Cultural House.

Quisicuaba Orchestra

This Orchestra was created by the Centro Habana community and is made up by youngsters fond of music. They play popular dancing music, have a repertoire of over 30 songs and perform in every Public Square of the territory or in any other space previously coordinated.


10 May 2015
As usual, this second Sunday of May the Quisicuaba Crossed Kardecian Spiritualist Association held its General Board of Associates together with the managing group of the Quisicuaba Socio-Cultural Project. Every year, this Assembly makes a balance of the work carried out by this Religious Institution. This is an opportunity to think about the whole community work aimed at doing good and loving others.
On April 10th, 2015, in the afternoon, the distinguished Dr. Enrique Alemán Gutiérrez received, among other personalities, the Reparador de Sueños 2015 Award at the America Theater in Centro Habana municipality. This award was granted by the José Martí Organization of Pioneers (OPJM, its acronym in Spanish) for his devotion and dedication in training new generations.
As part of the activities celebrating April 4th, the Quisicuaba Project carried out a community activity in our social area with the participation of children from the "Manuel Ascunce Domenech" School. Boys and girls, direct community beneficiaries of our project, happily welcomed this new anniversary.
On January 16, in the morning, the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity was convened on the occasion of the holding of the municipal Young Communist League Balance Assembly to share its experiences and systematize recreational options and spaces for youngsters in the municipality created by the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity. Participants examined several recreational alternatives to be conducted in spaces linked to the rich cultural diversity of this territory. This meeting was also attended by several decision makers from different organizations. Dr.
On September 1st, the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year was celebrated at the headquarters of the Quisicuaba Project for Cultural Diversity. During this activity, attended by many collaborators and participants in the Project, the community work was emphasized and a call was made to motivate youngsters who are interested in promoting our cultural expressions through art in order to strengthen links with the school center.
The contest was held on April 29, 2014 at the Favorito Theater, venue of the “Narciso Medina” Contemporary Dance Company. Among the many participants in the contest, who displayed an excellent performing preparation and technique, the “Retoño” Group, from our community project, was selected as the favorite group by the jury members and the public at large.
This summer was characterized by a large number of activities being carried out by the young members of the project aimed at collective fun by enjoying trips to the beach, historic sites, and other provinces to exchange views with communities on the cultural work done within our cultural diversity.
Under the slogan “With all and for the benefit of all”, we celebrated the end of the summer vacations with our brothers and sisters from Old Havana. Following are the photos of the celebration.
The Centro Habana Cultural House invited "Los criollitos de Quisicuaba" Group to perform on November 24, 2012, Saturday afternoon, at the Fé del Valle Park, where it displayed its dancing repertoire including different musical genres.