Painting Workshop

This workshop was created as a need observed by the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project. Children, youngsters and adults were eager to receive plastic art classes. Therefore, these workshops were organized with professors from Centro Habana Cultural Houses, who provide methodological advice to the socio-cultural project. This workshop is aimed at all age groups and imparted from Monday to Friday at different times. For more information, please visit the project venue located at Maloja 26 esquina Ángeles.

"Las Bolleritas" Comparsa

This comparsa works in association with the Joseíto Fernández Cultural House in a workshop conducted by Professor Vilma as methodology adviser. Its objective is to rescue Los Sitios traditions. It gives classes to community girls and adolescents. It works every Monday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 m at the project social section located in Maloja esq. Ángeles.

Dance Workshops

Incorporation of Professor Zunilda, folk dance specialist.

Rueda de Casino

More than 10 young pairs of dancers bearing the name Quisicuaba Marquises make up the Centro Habana rueda de casino. Their amazing  dance displays perfectionism and skills. They dance in every municipal dancing hall or in community spaces created for this purpose. Rehearsals at Los Sitios Cultural House.

Quisicuaba Orchestra

This Orchestra was created by the Centro Habana community and is made up by youngsters fond of music. They play popular dancing music, have a repertoire of over 30 songs and perform in every Public Square of the territory or in any other space previously coordinated.


On October 6, in the afternoon, the Quisicuaba Association welcomed Karen Bass, Member of the US Congress. The Congresswoman and her delegation were highly interested on the Quisicuaba Project work developed with on women and the skin-color and gender-approach equity in Cuba.
Several Project specialists referred their working experience with key groups, namely, senior citizens, violence against women, single mothers, retired and old black women, family violence, gender violence, persons living with HIV, children, youth and cultural diversity, among others.
On Friday morning, September 16 , the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project became de venue of the Health Educational and Recreational Festival (FRES, for its acronym in Spanish) under the slogan “Let´s quicken our step forward for health”. This festival was held to celebrate the closing of the Wellbeing Week together with the community. This event is promoted by the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Health Organization every year on September in all countries of the world.
As part of this summer activities, the Quisicuaba Project aimed its actions to schools located in this municipality, specially the Hermanos Ameijeiras Trade School. This school is located in Los Sitios, Centro Habana Municipality, and has been conducting the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project which included workshops on gender, family violence and all those human issues that make us so different and constitute a pillar of our national identity.
Neighbors, parents, students and professors refurbished and embellished the school in an all-embracing participatory and community work.
Under the title “Comprehensive Community Education for Children and Adolescents suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and their Relatives”, a great program began today, August 10, at the Quisicuaba Project venue. This program is aimed at training the community on responsible health-related issues, specifically targeting families in the community who have boys and girls suffering from this disease.  How to deal with the disease, how to coexist in school, how to learn about the daily life of persons suffering from this disease in order to help 
On May 27 in the afternoon, the Andrea B.
On April 22, on the occasion of the World Book Day, a wonderful activity was held at the social area of the Quisicuaba Association under the coordination of the United Nations Cuban Association (ACNU, its Spanish acronym). Likewise, the activity was attended by members of the Quisicuaba Association, as well as students from different educational levels of the Centro Habana municipality. Esteban Llorach, National Edition Award winner and UNEAC coordinator, promoted several books through an exchange with children and youngsters.
November 26 was a very fruitful day for the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project since the meeting of Primary School Guides was held. This much awaited meeting held in our Center is an enriching experience for the young guides in charge of educating and instilling human values among our children and was an opportunity for learning from each other.  This is a means to highlight the importance of the interrelationship between the work of our project and the school, providing mechanisms for the Cuban family to interact in topics related to school and
Last November 8th, in the morning, the Provincial Assembly of the Federation of Middle-Level Students (FEEM, for its acronym in Spanish) was held at the Villena Revolución Polytechnic School located in the Boyeros Municipality with the participation of the Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velázquez, as well as other personalities. This was a favorable occasion to acknowledge the work done by DrSc. Enrique Alemán as youth educator.
In the morning of August 15, a participatory and community artistic activity was carried out by the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project at the Fe del Valle Park. Such activity was the culmination of the National Blanket made by the hands of Cuban women. The Blanket portrays, with great love and devotion, the struggle waged by women throughout the glorious revolutionary years. This was a pleasing opportunity to unite the Cuban family.
As part of a great program of actions with our dear Centro Habana community, the Quisicuaba Project regularly enjoys our eastern beaches. More than 500 youngsters have benefitted with these visits where they Exchange with groups from other projects and perform a large numbr of spontaneous cultural representations. Departure will be this Saturday, August 1st, at 9:00 am from the Quisicuaba Association headquarters as part of this summer program.


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