In the evening of  August 31, we celebrated one of the most important events in the HIV prevention work in Centro Habana Municipality. The Hope Awards are granted to personalities, institutions or projects with an outstanding HIV prevention work in the municipality. The Centro Vasco, in this capital, became an excellent space for this important celebration. The Municipal Coordinator for the Line of Support of HIV Persons and member of our Managing Group presented Dr.Sc.
On August 18 the Federation of Cuban Women awarded the “August 23” Medal to women who have been working in this organization for more than 20 years and exceptionally to men who have been commended for their work in favor of gender equality and other benefits for women. The activity was held at the Jose Marti Memorial. Dr.Sc.
At 10:00 a.m. of the happy morning of December 17, a press conference on the work of our Museum was held at the Andrea B. Zabala Ortega Seminar of our Institution.   After a complete refurbishment of itshalls, the Museum is proud to show its works and renovated spaces.
The social and museological perspective and the intercultural and interfaith dialogue are the underlying objectives of the Museum’s activities. We feel appropriate to enclose the article published in the newspaper.

Last November 8th, in the morning, the Provincial Assembly of the Federation of Middle-Level Students (FEEM, for its acronym in Spanish) was held at the Villena Revolución Polytechnic School located in the Boyeros Municipality with the participation of the Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velázquez, as well as other personalities. This was a favorable occasion to acknowledge the work done by DrSc. Enrique Alemán as youth educator.
On a wonderful Friday, September 11, a working meeting took place at the Quisicuaba Project Headquarters. This meeting was attended by researchers from the Caribbean Center for Life Education (COIN) and researchers from the Working Coalition for Vulnerable Communities. The outstanding researchers participating in this meeting included Mr. Santo Rosario, Mr. John Waters and Mrs. Carolyn Gomes who are jointly working on future projects.
In the morning of July 15, our dear professor, Doctor in Sciences Enrique Alemán Gutiérrez, received the Paradigm of Socio-Cultural Promotion Award at the Magna Hall of the University of Havana granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Havana and Las Villas Marta Abreu University. The award was granted for the years devoted to the study and teaching of our tangible and intangible heritage, the continuation of our traditions, and the protection and promotion of our cultural diversity.
During a fraternal meeting held at the Protocol Hall of the Cuban Central Trade Unions (CTC, its acronym in Spanish), workers from the Quisicuaba Social and Cultural Project were acknowledged for their hard work devoted to social reintegration through different artistic manifestations. This was an opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Enrique Alemán Gutiérrez for his contribution to national culture.  This space was shared with other colleagues who have also devoted their lives to perpetuate the culture of our Cuban nation, namely, the Van Van and the Aragón Orchestras.
On April 10th, 2015, in the afternoon, the distinguished Dr. Enrique Alemán Gutiérrez received, among other personalities, the Reparador de Sueños 2015 Award at the America Theater in Centro Habana municipality. This award was granted by the José Martí Organization of Pioneers (OPJM, its acronym in Spanish) for his devotion and dedication in training new generations.
On Wednesday, November 19, at 8:00 pm, a wonderful gala took place, following our city tradition, to acknowledge the work done by the PLWH-line and prevention program, at the America Theater. The activity promoted the amalgamation of different ways of being and acting, affections and responsibilities always thinking of others. A great activity to unite hearts.

The 2014 “Hope” Awards Ceremony of the Centro Habana Municipality took place this July 1st, at 1:00 pm. The Awards were presented at the “Las Vegas” Cabaret, under the auspices of the Quisicuaba Association, among other cooperating institutions.